About Morning Star


Morning Star Christian Academy is a Christian Academy that started in January 2008. The Academy is situated in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and was established in response to an overwhelming demand by home schooling parents in the city who needed a more formal institute of learning.  With a humble beginning of just seven students, the academy grew dramatically and needed to be established under a governing body.

The Academy became a trust school and is governed by a board of trustees which also oversees a sister school in Harare. It is located on the property of Selborne Park Christian Church and teaches all the tenets of the Christian faith as an integral part of its curriculum.

lunapic_136998373122670_7We  believe  our  children’s  training  and  instruction  is  primarily the responsibility of each PARENT – this is with the understanding that few of us are in a position, or able to be involved in the academic  education  of  our  kids  on  a  full-time  basis.  Morning Star Christian Academy uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) school curriculum. This is an individualized, Bible-based curriculum that incorporates the study of God’s word in all aspects of learning. This enables students to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and maturity, and helps them learn to think critically and biblically about the world around them.



We believe that education involves both training and equipping a child so as to best prepare them to enter society as young adults.

This involves 3 key areas of a child’s life:

  • Spiritually

True honesty and integrity are only possible through the intervention of God in a human heart. Thus each individual’s reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ and subsequently service to Christ is a vital part of any child’s development.

  • Academically

Each child responds to learning in a slightly different way. It is necessary to provide each child with an individualised learning process that enables them to master learning in a manner that will instil in them the greatest level of self confidence possible thus enabling them to reach their full academic potential.

  • Individually

True education seeks to develop to the fullest extent, the personal gifts and abilities of each child. Not only does this contribute greatly to their self confidence but often is a key in helping them to discover their true place in society when leaving school.