“To make available an academically sound, Biblically based academy in a Godly environment”



  1. That each child will come to know of  Christ as their personal Saviour.
  2. That each child will be given the opportunity to grow in their faith to become an obedient disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. To provide each child with an environment in which they can:
    1. reach their full academic potential,
    2. develop their personal gifts and skills,
    3. mature in their Christian faith.


We at Morning Star recognise that it is the God given role of parents in the education of their children.

It is our aim:

  1. To provide a Christian learning environment that would reinforce the Biblical values that Christian parents’ would seek to inculcate to their children.
  2. To provide parents with a transparent means of monitoring their child’s academic process through daily homework checks and the support of the teaching staff through parent conferencing.
  3. To allow parents to be directly involved in the development of the personal gifts and abilities of their children through clubs and the opportunities that Conventions provide.



  1.  Each member of staff will be an exemplary disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and a consistent member of a local church.
  2.  Each member of staff will have an appropriate standard of professionalism and will function as a member of the staff team under the leadership of the headmaster.
  3. All members of staff are required to hold the appropriate  A.C.E Professional Training Course Certificates.
  4.  All members of staff are required to teach and demonstrate Christian principles so imparting to students a Biblical world view and lifestyle and a heart for Christian witness and mission.



Together with all the parents, the staff of the Academy will seek to:

  1. Inspire each student in all areas of Christian Education.
  2. To provide facilities that will assist in promoting sound education.
  3. To work together with both Christian Education Trust and other A.C.E Institutions of Learning to promote Christian Education in Zimbabwe.
  4. To work with the Ministry of Education in Zimbabwe to ensure that both the legal and educational standards required by such are maintained.