Fee Structure

NB: The fees shown are not permanent and are subject to change.

NEW STUDENTS  REGISTRATION FEE – GRADE 0 – 12 (Non refundable)    $300

Curriculum (PACEs) Fees:

Grade          Annual Total
Grade 0 – 4               $ 500
Grade 5 – 7               $ 500
Grade 8 – Upwards               $ 500

Admin Fees:

ABC Reading Readiness Test (Level 0) No Charge
Diagnostic Test (New Learners) $   35
Parent Orientation Fee (compulsory  for all new parents & payable per parent) $   10
I.C.C.E. Reg Fees £  97.50
Testing / Marking $ 280 – 440
  • PACES are payable in advance.
  • PACE reconciliation twice a year, April and September.

Tuition: USD 1,150

All new students are required to pay one full terms fee as a deposit after acceptance this

deposit is refundable if all notice arrangements are met.

Registration Fee:

The non – refundable registration fee is payable within 7 days after the pupil has been accepted to the College before starting their tuition.

Termly Tuition:

The fees are payable in advance, before the 1st day of each term.
Student(s) will not be permitted unless full fees are paid.


Payment via EFT or bank deposit

Notice period of school membership – One Full terms (3 months ) notice must be given or payment of full terms notice.

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